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Paper and Cardboard

As a leading recycling company headquartered in New Jersey, one of the first mandated recycling states in the nation, Integrity Recycling and Waste Solutions services and markets more than 300,000 tons of recyclable material per year.

Our industry experts can also help design, implement, and finance state-of-the-art recycling technology, including balers, compactors, and material handling systems. With our deep knowledge of mill requirements and markets worldwide, we develop efficient and profitable paper recycling programs for a range of clients including:

  • Municipalities
  • Retail and grocery
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Distribution centers, packaging companies, and logistics firms
  • Commercial printers, graphic design firms, and direct mail marketers
  • Commercial property management
  • Office buildings and large properties
  • Pharmaceutical and medical supply firms

Document Destruction

We understand your need to protect sensitive, proprietary information and we are dedicated to safeguarding your confidentiality. For your convenience and security, we offer three methods of secure document and product destruction:

  • Onsite destruction
  • Offsite destruction
  • Pulp destruction process

Food and Beverage Recycling/Destruction

Many companies don’t realize they can curtail the cost of out-of-date inventory through recycling. Integrity Recycling and Waste Solutions has a full menu of recycling and waste recovery options that keep packaging and potential discards, returns, and overruns out of landfills.

Integrity Recycling partners with certified processors throughout the country to fully recycle and destroy food and beverage products. Depending on your specific waste volume and how that waste is generated, Integrity Recycling will design a program that maximizes operational efficiencies and savings or income potential. Our solutions not only reduce landfill costs, they reduce our customers’ trash disposal fees by an impressive margin. We also offer certificates of destruction for your records.

These recycling services are ideal for the following industries:

  • Retail and grocery
  • Restaurant chains and franchises
  • Food and beverage vendors
  • Distribution centers and logistics firms

Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Metals

With each year bringing greater awareness of the need to protect our environment and go green, we’ve made it our mission to extract as many recyclable commodities from our customers’ waste streams as possible, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

With our superior network of local service providers and global purchasers, Integrity Recycling can efficiently and profitably handle your metal waste, including:

  • Metal generated from demolition sites
  • Steel cans and steel baling wire
  • Scrap metal from the auto industry
  • Old appliances (or “white goods”)
  • Garment hangers
  • Metal shelving
  • Non-ferrous scrap metal and ferrous scrap metal containing stainless steel, unclean (or mixed types) metal, and more


In an ever-changing landscape of digital technology and media, there is a growing need for electronics recycling. We are committed to helping our customers recycle their outdated or unusable electronics (eWaste). Whatever the nature of your business, Integrity Recycling and Waste Solutions can help you to:

  • Reduce the volume of your waste
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs of waste removal
  • Increase your revenue with profits from valuable recycled metal
  • Comply with current recycling legislation
  • Make a positive impact on our environment

Plastic, Glass, and Cans

Plastics can take a millennium to degrade in a landfill. In our ongoing effort to help our clients implement cost-effective green initiatives, Integrity Recycling and Waste Solutions customizes plastic recycling programs that divert plastics from landfills and boost your bottom line.

A recycling program for commingled containers is easy to implement. When Integrity sets up a program for your business to recycle plastic, glass and cans, your business becomes part of a continuous cycle of sustainability that sharply reduces waste and landfill space.

Chemicals and Hazardous Materials

So many products we use every day contain chemicals that are potentially hazardous to our health and the environment. Just as concern for the environment increases so do the disposal fees for toxic substances. However, Integrity Recycling and Waste Solutions can introduce practices to keep chemicals and hazardous materials out of the waste stream and generate savings for your company by recovering and recycling these materials.

We are licensed and certified to manage all types of waste and recyclable materials, including chemicals and hazardous waste. Integrity Recycling has worked with a diverse array of businesses that use chemicals as part of their operations or produce hazardous materials as a by-product of their manufacturing process including:

  • Industrial and manufacturing companies
  • Commercial property owners and management firms
  • Service providers and suppliers such as janitorial and maintenance companies, automotive dealers and repair shops
  • Retailers such as home improvement centers and hardware stores
  • Pharmaceutical companies and medical supply firms

Integrity develops custom programs for our customers, tailed to the source of waste, its method of generation, and its volume. We provide all containment and collection equipment to ensure materials are properly recovered so we can destroy, dispose, or recycle them according to the highest government standards.

Single-Stream Recycling

In recent years, many townships and municipalities, office and commercial properties have turned to single-stream or fully commingled recycling programs. By allowing residents and office workers to recycle paper, glass, cans, and plastics in the same collection bin, these programs often result in higher recycling rates and exponentially greater volumes of valuable recyclable commodities.

Mixing materials at collection results in more complex sorting of materials on the back end. In order to profit from this method, you need to work with recycling plants that have the high-end screens and sorting equipment to handle the job. At Integrity Recycling and Waste Solutions, we connect clients to our preferred partners whose facilities are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology needed to efficiently and profitably handle single-stream recycling. If single-stream recycling is a viable option for your municipality or commercial property, let us help you increase revenue and make a positive impact on the environment.

Regardless of your recycling needs, our ultimate goal is to zero out your waste.
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