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Waste Management

Zero Waste

There is no question that recycling is environmentally beneficial. Unfortunately, without proper attention, it can create operational challenges and sometimes cost money. Today many recycling companies typically grab the high-value commodities to boost their own returns. The rest of your waste goes to the landfill, and you’re probably paying hauling fees for all of it, including the high-value content.

With Integrity Recycling and Waste Solutions, you have a trusted partner who looks at your entire waste flow and explores every opportunity to divert as much of that tonnage as possible away from landfills and into environmentally sound markets. Comprehensive recycling will generate revenues as well as savings derived from related operational efficiencies. And as you convert your trash removal cost to a commodities selling profit program, it is actually possible to zero out the tons of waste you previously sent to landfills. Integrity Recycling and Waste Solutions offers comprehensive waste management solutions for our clients. Our goal is to get you as close as possible to zero waste and save you money. We make that happen by:

  • Identifying all recycling and diverting opportunities in your waste flow
  • Designing efficient and effective collection processes that can be replicated at all of your locations
  • Equipping you to package your waste appropriately for buyers
  • Helping you store your waste to increase your volume for efficient hauling
  • Finding the right buyer for your commodities at the best price and arranging for transportation

Waste to Energy

Integrity also offers clients the opportunity to convert their waste to energy. Occasionally customers have material that is not suitable for recycling. Rather than sending that material directly to the landfill, we partner with local energy-from-waste solutions. This technology allows the waste to be converted into usable energy to deliver power to homes and businesses. Some of the benefits of these programs compared to landfill disposals include:

  • Reduction in greenhouse gases
  • Reduction in pollutants and air toxins
  • Additional recycling and metals recovery
  • Reduction in waste transportation

EPA WasteWise Program

We are proud to support our clients green efforts as they strive to purchase recyclable products, use clean energy, and generate zero waste. For businesses, local governments, and nonprofits interested in joining the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WasteWise Program, Integrity Recycling and Waste Solutions can help you develop the requisite sustainable waste-reduction program and measure your results.
Learn more about the EPA WasteWise Program from the Environmental Protection Agency.

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